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Majestic giant

Back in May, we had our friends Andrea and Ed from America staying for their tenth year…, our oldest and most frequent repeaters/regulars.

Andrea told us, when she couldn't sleep back home in Virginia at night, she thought of Dolaumaen to quieten her mind. So when she asked me if I could open the view to Carn Menyn by felling a very old Ash tree that had succumbed to Ash dieback, I was eager to oblige.

That same day I happened to get a text out of the blue from a tree-surgeon friend offering a day's work for the following day.

The giant ash was literally felled the next day and came to rest on the other side of the stone wall. Such is the power of Andreas' will!

A few weeks later I and another friend Roger, went to log up the felled ash tree. As we approached it, I realised It resembled a majestic fallen giant and it was too good to log up, but if left where it was it would be lost to the brambles in no time...

If only I could somehow drag it back into the cottage side!

It just so happened that another friend Simon had left his telescopic handler with us, keys and all…! Needless to say, it was a thrilling experience harnessing the power of this beast that nearly catapulted me and itself over the majestic giant…, but survive we did. The seemingly impossible soon became the deed!

So now we have our larger-than-life, fallen giant, with one leg up in the air, and a very hairy chest of dried-up ivy.

This tale was captured in sketch and poetry by our lovely new guests, the Chanters from Swansea, who watched with delight as the action unfolded!


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