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Back home...

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Calabash Hotel in Grenada, a place that holds special significance for me as it was built by my parents in 1963 and served as my home during my formative years. However, my time there was cut short due to the actions of the then dictatorial premier, Eric Gairy. Despite the circumstances, it was truly a wonderful experience to bring my family back to my Caribbean roots, where we indulged in the pure delight of refreshing coconut water straight from the source, explored the vibrant underwater world teeming with myriad stripes of tropical fish (including spotting a seahorse), and perhaps most importantly, had the chance to mend the emotional wounds caused by a painful separation. As much as I reveled in the tropical paradise, I found solace in returning to the tranquil embrace of the Preseli hills, with their verdant beauty and serene atmosphere, which I consider my home.


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